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What are Pack Out Bags?

Elk down! Now what? I have tried many ways to pack out an elk including dragging, using carts, meat boards, winches, and even horses on a few lucky years. For the last twelve years panniers (not for horses, but for people) have worked best for hunters in my group and the steep terrain in which we hunt. These are light-weight bags that can easily fit inside your backpack which eliminates the need to make extra trips to camp for a cart or meat pack. They are designed to be loaded in the front and back to maximize the load you can carry while promoting balance, even on steep terrain and through downed timber. The bags we use are styled after old newspaper delivery packs. We have been using our original bags we made since 2001 and they continue to serve us well to this day.


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People Love Pack Out Bags

  • I was amazed at the possibility to pack out both rear quarters of an elk in one trip. Yes, it was a bit of weight, but I could not believe how balanced the load was. The thought of saving 1 to 2 trips of hiking back and forth to retrieve the down elk was a joy to my legs and body. Pack Out Bags get the job done!

    Pack Out Bags Customer Review Matt Howerzyl
    Pack Out Bags Customer Review
  • I have been fortunate to have used these bags. They work great and make it a lot easier to pack game off the mountain. I am 52 years old and me and my buddy Chris packed out a bull elk 5x4 in one trip. It was a lot of weight but the bags make it very manageable. You can manage the weight in the front as well as in the back. It is a lot more stable than trying to pack a hind quarter on your shoulder. One at a time, one quarter in the front and one in the back and away you go. Love the product!

    Testimonial Larry Bugher
  • I'm the guy they call the mule! For years we have been hunting together and on many occasions I have been very thankful we had the bags. I am not sure of another product out there that would make carrying the hind quarters of an elk on your back possible. They fold up easily into your backpack and make packing out game a lot easier.

    Pack Out Elk Kelly McLean
    Pack Out Elk

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