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What Are Pack Out Bags

We build quality bags meant to allow an able person to carry a load while being hands-free.  These bags are tough, made of heavy duty 1000 DWR Cordura material.  We originally designed our bags to pack out elk from the rugged terrain we hunt in and back to camp or ATV accessible roads.  Our bags have since been used for packing around many things such as fruit while picking at the orchard, for hauling duck decoys, and hauling heavy supplies.

A Family Business in Idaho


Pack Out Bags give you the ability to not only carry a balanced and large or heavy load, but also the ability to do it hands-free.


By balancing the front and back portions of the bag you are much more stable and able to maneuver terrain safely while hauling large or heavy loads.

Since 2001

We have packed out many elk in the original 3 bags that we stitched up back in 2001.  Depending on how many legs are helping with the pack we have often gotten our animals off the mountain in a single trip.  Not a year has gone by that we haven’t had the good fortune to put them to use.


For generations hunting has been a big part of our family.  From the autumn elk and deer hunts to the spring turkey hunt; from calling in ducks along Idaho rivers in the cold winter months to shooting whistle pigs in the summer while running a gopher trap line, it seems like we’ve always been hunting.  Hunting has always been a way of life in a fundamental sense in that it has put food on our table year after year, delicious food!  But it’s more than just that.  It’s about spending time with family and friends while being in the wilderness and seeing things you can’t see from your car or office window.  It’s about learning from your dad how to track, treat, and understand the animals you pursue.  It’s about learning from your mom how to cook up those delicious breakfast steaks you cut from the elk you tagged 2 days prior.  It’s about the nights around the campfire with friends talking about all things from that day’s hunt and tomorrow’s plan to hilarious and embarrassing stories of times past.

Pack Out Bags is an Idaho based family business.  Our family works hard to make sure that we can offer a quality product.  A product we are proud of and have used ourselves for several years with still more to come.