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Hauling over 100lbs using Pack Out Bags

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While in the process of closing a mine Pack Out Bags were used to carry loads in excess of 100 pounds. By using the bags they were able to pack supplies down to the mine allowing them to make fewer trips up and down the mountain. They were able to pack the front and back of the bags allowing them to be hands free for better balance and to carry additional supplies.

Here’s what the customer had to say about Pack Out Bags:

“We used these Pack Out Bags mainly for carrying a two part foam mixture used for blocking the entrances of abandoned mines. They allowed us to carry larger loads of material (over 100 lbs.) more safely and more comfortably than you could do with a back pack or pack frame. They were loaded front and back to allow more balanced loads making it easier to navigate in the steep and rough terrain that we were working in. I was amazed at how well these bags worked for us. We highly recommend them to others who need to pack heavy loads.”

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