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Pack Out Bag Demo

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“We had a great time at the Elko, NV and Boise, ID Sportsman’s Show last month. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our live demo. It was exciting to see the response everyone had when they could feel the difference between how it felt to carry 40 lbs. of sandbags in a back pack vs 80 lbs. of sandbags evenly distributed front and back in a Pack Out Bag. Everyone was surprised to realize that they can usually carry twice as much in a Pack Out Bag more comfortably than half the amount with all the weight on your back.”

We would like thank everyone for their support and look forward to hearing how the bags worked from the people who purchased them in their upcoming hunts.

How are Pack Out Bags Used

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Pack Out Bags Made in IdahoThere are a few common questions people have when they first see our bags. How are Pack Out Bags used? Are they a replacement for my backpack? Pack Out Bags are not a replacement for your backpack. These bags are intended to be carried with you in your backpack so that when you have your animal down, you can fill it with meat and carry it out on your first trip. You can fill both pouches with meat and tie your backpack on top of it, or on one of your lighter loads, you can carry your backpack in one of the pouches with meat in the other pouch to balance your load.  You can carry much more weight in one trip this way with less strain on your back because you are balanced front and back.  This also keeps your regular backpack, where you keep all of your gear and food, from getting bloody.  When you get back to camp, you can either wash out this bag or simply hang it up to dry out and it is ready to be used again.  Since it is machine washable, it is much easier to clean than your regular backpack would be.

The History of Pack Out Bags

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I’d like to tell you how these bags came about.   Thirteen years ago, two of the guys in our hunting party got their elk, a 5 point and a 6 point.  It took the three of us three full days to pack out those two elk.  I had bought a portable winch the year before and we thought it was going to be the ticket, but this three day adventure made us reconsider.

As we sat around the fire trying to recuperate from the very rough pack out, I said, “When I was growing up I was always amazed at how many papers the neighbor used to be able to deliver with those bags they had.”  That started us talking about making something similar for packing out meat.  After that hunt, my wife made three Pack Out Bags for us to try the next year.  We were so impressed with the added weight we were able to carry in one trip that we have used our original three bags every year since.  Last year we decided if we liked the bags so much, maybe others would too, so here we are.  We make our Pack Out Bags with quality material and we build them to last.  Give them a try and let us know what you think.

Packing Out the Hind Quarters of an Elk

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PackOutBagsElkHindQuarters3Hunting in rugged terrain is part of what makes hunting so enjoyable. The challenge and the surroundings are invigorating.  There can also be a very humbling moment when you take down a very large animal and realize the only way to pack this animal out is you. Year after year our family has packed out some nice sized elk just using our bags. One of the remarkable things about Pack Out Bags is the ability to have one person carry out the hind quarters of an elk in one trip. When asked how much weight a bag can hold, the real question is how much weight can the person carrying the pack handle.  You will be surprised at how much more weight you can carry when it is balanced in the front and back and not on your back alone.